03 Mar

Binge Eating Disorder

eating disorder

Hi Friends

Too Many People These Days Fight with this battle of controlled eating.. Atleast for the day most of them keep up their self control,but at night they usually loose it and mostly end up eating everything what they have been controlling the entire day…!! This Too tight control and resistance to actually nourish your body during the day is one of the top culprits behind binge eating at night specially … Eating Right and Still Loosing weight, but not Loosing the willingness to follow the given meal plan is the idea towards the real weight loss stories or maybe the change you looking for in your Body ( body and Mind )… NO QUICK FIX only SLOW FIX.. The idea is to ,not to ignore certain demands of the body ,and die them off…But also don’t get seduced to all the diet gimmicks….All the short cuts are just the illusions, they have no strong roots and that’s the reason they bounce back the same quick lost weight or challenge the mind and body in wrong manner… The weight of binge eating is for a reason, its above weighing scale , so billion dollar question is, what does your cravings point at, why its happening…Well to achieve your goal Learn relationship with food, understand connection between emotional eating & binging…moods, digestion, hormonal fatigue, endless dieting but no results, and so many more…

Honor your body listen to your body demands…. Learn the art of eating right….. STAY HEALTHY


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