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Aarti Ayachi


Ritu I can’t live without your yoga. You made my life different.  Its a great changes in me by joining “YUJ”. And I never feel hungry by taking your diet. Even I was having problem like back pain and constipation that has also solved.  U r blessed with such nice gift of god that is “Yog”.


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Rudresh Pandey

Riitu’s diet program was nothing less than miracle in my life. After trying almost everything under the sun to lose weight I had lost hope and even health.  I suffered from slip disc and thyroid. With Ritu’s help I have lost 20kg.


Tripti Pandey


Riitu helped me in getting my life back. I lost 15 kg but that was not all. I saw a tremendous change on my face, skin and energy. I had lost hope. Ritu has helped me recover. I feel very energetic and have more confidence with a glow on my face and skin.

Swati Ahir

I got associated with you when my son was of 3 months. I started with both yoga and diet. To my wonder, within the initial 2.5 months not only did I lose 12 kgs of weight but also there was an improvement in the sinus problem. I am minor Thelesmia and my HB count never crossed the mark of 8, but soon after your guidance towards my diet it got raised to 11.5. My skin started glowing like never before. The beautiful part about my weight loss journey was eating healthy, awesome workout and no starvation. Riitu, you have been an incredible guide and inspiration for me. Love you always…


Aarushi Mehta


Finally i didi it !! Thanks to Riitu who entered in my life and change my life for a lyftym The support i received from her was invaluable and its impact cant be put into words.i not only learn Abt yoga and nutrition but I learn how to take care of myself and enjoy the life. In just 3 months i lose 20 kgs ,she help me to c that i m not sacrificing the things i love rather she help me find ways i cud still enjoy the foods but just in different way i have more energy, I feel much better About myself ,I no longer suffer from constipation ,mood swings, anger and internal problems i feel lighter stronger and more energized thanks Rittu for showing me a new world of healthy living.

Jagruti Thacker

I reached my highest weight ever after my 2nd delivery. I was not able to look myself in mirror. The body shape, shine on skin and above all the self confidence was detoriating. At that time one of my friend suggested me to join “YUJ”. And I am really glad that I did it. And here I am- fit and fine. All happy not only because of the weight reduction but also with the fresh rejuvenated skin and the charming confidence. Also I have improved on my body postures. Workout, here, at YUJ is the perfect combo of burning calories and cleansing your internal systems. It has also helped me to develop healthy food habits in my day to day life.
So, thank you, thank you very….much RITU MAM and YUJ for making my life and the lifestyle more beautiful as well as healthy. I feel great everyday.


Soumak Biswas


I had started dieting from 1st August 14 and my weight was 66 kg, in 21 days I lost 8 kg and now 58 kg. I had an idea about diet plan, that diet means eating less quantity food, but here the thing is different, here eat sufficient nutrients food be full energetic.

Rashmeen Sheth

This was a life changing experience for me. I am very very thankful to Ritu for all of her efforts which helped me lot in losing weight and reducing my thyroid problem also. Her diet plan is the best.


Rani Dalwani

Before joining Diet Monitor, my weight was 84 kgs and after 2 months of diet program as suggested by Riitu, my weight has come down to 76.5 kgs. My diabetes is also under control. I am thankful to Riitu as I feel light, active and young though I am 55 years of age. Once again thanks a lot.

Achala Trivedi


Ritu Kashyap is a dietitian par excellence! She is exact, precise & her diets are very much doable with lot of flexibility & several options. Also she is so much aware about the Ayurveda system especially about the spices & the herbs which is an add on. She is a life transformer & impacts our perspective towards food & flavors. Gratitude!!!!!

Aditi Trivedi

Aditi Trivedi

I am 21 year old medical student from Surat..just wanted to reduce 5-7 kgs and tone up my myself..I read about diet monitor..i was initially skeptical, but reading user reviews i decided to give it a try..and yes,she gave me a diet which i could follow, which i cud easily integrate in my life ..and i lost 4.5 kgs in one and a half month even after cheating quite a few times ☺️..and will continue becoming more fit day by day by integrating the healthy way of eating and living she has taught me..she not only supported me for healthy diet but also advised me regarding exercising daily and doing yoga due to which i have become very regular in my schedule..thank you diet monitor and thank u ritu mam..



  • The best part of diet is she has NO Avoid list ,She give everything to eat yet amazing results…

    Zeel Thakkar ,
  • Its amazing. Now my migraine and acidity problem is gone. Now i am enjoying my family life ….

    Ruchi Chaudhury ,
  • I have started my journey with a beautiful beginning and I am sure I will keep losing my weight by eating right and useful tips given by Riitu ma’am

    Neha Dhanwani ,
  • I lost 4.5 kgs in one and a half month..Thank you DietMonitor and thank u Riitu mam..

    Aditi Trivedi ,
  • Thanks to Riitu ma’am for guiding me towards right path

    Sifti Dhall Ahluwalia ,
  • Ritu Kashyap is a dietition par excellence! She is exact, precise & her diets are very much doable

    Achala Trivedi ,
  • Finally i did it !! Thanks to Riitu who entered in my life and change my life for a lyftym ..

    Aarushi Mehta ,
  • The beautiful part about my weight loss journey was eating healthy..

    Swati Ahir ,
  • Ritu I can’t live without your yoga. You made my life different.  Its a great changes in me by joining “YUJ”.

    Aarti Ayachi ,


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